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Teachings of Buddha

Buddha's teachings has been written in 84,000 chapters. These are the core teachings and the well known teachings for Buddhists or none Buddhists.


The Four Noble Truths

1. Suffering - To suffer from being born, being old, being sick and dying is common to us all.
2. Cause of suffering - We are the cause of our own suffering.
3. End of suffering - Suffering can happen and also come to an end.
4. Path to end suffering - The way to end it.


The Noble Eightfold Path

When Buddha gave his first sermon in the deep park, he  began the symbol of the "Turning of the Dharma Wheel" He chose this beautiful symbol of the wheel with its eight spokes to represent the  Noble Eightfold  path.


1. Right View - The right way to think about life with wisdom and compassion.
2. Right Thoughts - Is to be away from craving and aversion, away from harming other beings.
3. Right Speech - By speaking only kind words with respect to each other and not to lie.
4. Right Conduct - To conduct life away from all kinds of sins.
5. Right Livelihood - By having jobs that harm no one.
6. Right Effort - Doesn't mean an effort of living life but means any sins that one is  doing try to stop doing  them. Any good deed one hasn't done yet try to  make it happen. Any good deeds one has already practiced, continue  those deeds greater more.
7. Right Mindfulness - Always be in aware at every moment and practice to purify the mind and just observe the feelings that come to the mind.
8. Right Concentration - To focus on one thought or object at a time.


The Truth of the Universe

1. Nothing is lost in the universe - Matters turn into energy, energy turns into matter.
2. Everything Changes - Everything is continuously changing. Things are so impermanent.
3. Law of Cause and Effect - This law is known as Karma. Nothing ever happens to us unless we deserve it.

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