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Buddha's Biography

Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India.


The Prince's Life

Gautama Buddha was born around 566 BC, in the kingdom of Kapilavastu. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Sirimahamaya. The Prince was named "Siddhartha" which means he will achieve whatever he desires. The story about his birth is full of miracles. One of those is, right after he was born, he said "I will be the Great among the Greatest in the world , This will be my last live. There will be no more lives after this".


All the court Brahmin told his fortune in two ways. If he were monk, he would be a prophet of the world. If not, he would be the great Emperor. But there was a court Brahmin, he predicted with certainty that the Prince would be the great prophet of the world.

This fortune worried his father very much. He wished so much that Prince Siddhartha would be the great Emperor. So the king made the palace so pleasant in order to make the Prince never want to leave. The King also kept him from knowing the truth of life which is sickness, old age and death. The Prince grew up in the happy surrounding with an optimistic mind. The king built three palaces, one of each season and music was always played with out ending. Life in the palace was full of joy. The Prince got the education in many subjects as the other princes usually did. His great talents have shown enormously in all aspects. He married to Princess Yasothara in the age of 19 years.



The Turning Point

Siddhartha soon wondered what life was like outside the palace .One day he made a trip to the outside world. There, he saw the truth of human being who changes his life forever. Four truths he saw was a sick person, old men, death and lasted was a monk. To witness the hidden truth awakened his feeling, asking himself, "How can I enjoy a life of pleasure when there is so much suffering in the world?".


With his intellect and good deeds in the former lives it made him to realize that no one could get away from these suffering. He wished to go out of this circle of misery and decided to become a monk.


Prince escaped from the Kingdom at night, leaving his loved ones behind. His journey to search how to end the suffering had begun.


The Middle Path


Siddhartha decided to become a monk and study from the two well known Masters. The masters also didn't know how to end the suffering. So, he tried to search the method on his own path the way the Yogis practice such as not to eat until he became very thin, only skin and bone are left. This way was considered an extremely path. He still could not find the answer. At last the angels showed him the music of the harp with three strings . First string was to set up loosely. Second string was set up tidely. Third string was set up just right. The sound that came out from the third string was very beautiful melody. With this incident made him realize the way of the middle path . He started eating normally and made Meditation to find out the truth of life in his own mind.



The reach of the Enlightenment


On a full moon day in May , he sat under the Bodhi tree with his strong intention and said "I will not leave this spot until I find an end to suffering" To search the truth through his mind by Vipassana Meditaion he has reached the truth of Universe and also the truth about himself .The supreme wisdom came to him in that night. He became enlightened , The Awakended one. He was called Shakayamuni Buddha.


It took him altogether six years dedicated the physical and strong mind to find out the way to end the circle of misery. His teaching is very deep and practical. His main teaching which all the Buddhists believe is Noble Path. It is normal fine and deep in details. As he taught Anyagontanya Things that have happenned also has and ending.


Suddenly Anyagontanya heard this teaching, he understood this Dhamma and asked a permission to become a monk from Buddha directly.

Since then Buddha's teaching spread over India and all the world. Millions of people have Buddhist religion.


Buddha spent all of his life time teaching the world in an understanding the truth of life and ridding all sufferings. He passed away to Nirvana in the age of 80 years.

His Birthday, Enlightenment Day and Dying Day happened in full moon Day.

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