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Knowing Buddha TV Episode 8

KBO would like to invite everyone to follow the eighth episode of KBO-TV, a special episode that presents the Dhamma lecture “The Mighty 4 Noble Truth” of Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, the president and founder of Knowing Buddha Organization.

The lecture was given in “Visakha Puja Buddha Baramee” fair at MCC Hall, The Mall Nakhon Ratchasima on 3 June 2015. Moreover, the program depicts the atmosphere of the event and its activities.

Watch the live broadcast on Thursday, June 25 2558 from 9.00pm to 9.30pm through

The program will also be broadcasted on the following channels. - GMMZ box, channel 175 - PSI box, channel 239 - INFOSAT /IDIASAT/LEOTEX/THAISAT, channel 189 - YouTube: Knowing Buddha

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