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The Second Dhamma Lecture at Royal Thai Air Force

On July 15th, it was the second time for KBO to have the opportunity to give Dhamma lecture and provide information regarding Buddhism protection at Kantarat Convention Hall, located near Royal Thai Air Force Academy. However, it was the first time in my life I had a chance to give the lecture. I was not very excited but I felt nervous that I might not be able to give a clear Dhamma view as I still lacked the experience in giving the lecture.

When the time drew near, CSR working team gathered together at a small room near the convention hall to recite Jinapanjara Gāthā for protection and blessing. After that the team scattered to assigned spots. The president of today’s event, Air Vice Marshal Chatchai Bunyanurak, entered the room to talk with me and Khun Pollakrit (Khun Tab). He was interested with KBO work and ask several questions about the member and the responsibility of the organization. He agreed with the principle of KBO and was pleased to help and support the organization work by raising this issue into the meeting with Royal Air Force working team.

Over 300 people from 3 departments, namely, Royal Thai Air Force Academy, Directorate of Air Operation Control and Directorate of Education and Training, participated in the lecture. Master of ceremonies, Pilot Officer Chinnachote Sukkhabunterng, started by introducing KBO and Master Acharavadee Wongsakon. I, then, explained that nowadays we lived among defilement, thus, we need precepts as an armor for our life. I further spoke about my childhood story to emphasize the important of precepts, especially if we broke the fifth precept, we had more chance to break all other precepts. Moreover, I compared my life before and after following precepts and gave example of some Buddhists wrong views such as paying respect to 9 sacred places in one day and sleeping in a coffin to correct bad deeds. The second lecturer was Khun Pollakrit Boonsanong. He demonstrated the right way to do good deeds, to keep precepts and to purify one’s mind. After that he presented the success case of KBO work and introduced the Once the lecture was done, many air force soldiers gave compliments to us and ask for books and brochures “The Results of Disrespectful Action toward Buddhists Symbols”.

There are four more Dhamma lectures to be given to Royal Thai Air Force on the fifth, nineteenth and twenty sixth of August and the second of September. Especially, on the second of September, Master Acharavadee Wongsakon shall give the Dhamma lecture herself. The cooperation of Royal Thai Air Force is another success of KBO showing that public sector also gives important to Buddhism. KBO would like to rejoice in the merit of this public sector unit for their great cooperation for the long lasting years of Buddhism. Also, I would like to rejoice in the merit of CSR working team and every member of KBO for making this great success. Story by: Khun Pitak Teerattanakul Photo credit: Khun Puncharat Duangpakdee

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