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Makha Bucha Day. The National Of Gratitude Day.

The notable events in February are not only Chinese New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day , but also “Makha Bucha Day” which is a crucial religious day where the Buddha performed “ Ovada Patimokkha” which outlined the core principles of Buddhism , addressing the Three Principles, the Four Ideologies and the Six Methods in full for his disciples to distribute . The Three Principles are to avoid doing all bad deeds, to do what is wholesome and to purify one’s mind. These are key principles in order to reach the goals of Buddhism. The Four Ideologies are very different from other religions and the Six Methods are strategies to spread Buddhism. Altogether, the Dhamma mentioned above are the hearts of Buddhism.

On Makha Bucha Day, four miracles occurred on the same day as 1,250 monks had gathered to pay respect to the Buddha without any prior appointment, they all had been ordained by the Buddha, the event took place on the full moon night of the third lunar month, and all of them were Arahants. Makha Bucha Day is also known as The Fourfold Assemble of the four miracles that happened on the day.

Besides the importance of being the first time the fundamental of Buddhism has been laid out via Ovada Patimokkha and the first congregation of the Buddha’s disciples, Makha Bucha Day is considered the day the 1,250 monks showing their pure love and unity to the Buddha. This is regarded as a gesture of gratitude toward their Spiritual Father, the Buddha.

As a result, in 2006, the government of Thailand also declared this day as a “National Gratitude Day” to encourage people to express gratitude which is a sign of a genuinely good person and give thanks to those who have helped them in their lives especially parents and the Buddha. In doing so, we have many means to express gratitude to parents such as being obedient to them, not bringing shame to the family, not making parents sad, recalling of parents’ favors and finding an opportunity to repay their favors.

As Buddhism leads mankind to peace and happiness , we, Buddhists , should reflect the gratitude to the Buddha and Buddhism by completing the duty of a Buddhist through studying and practicing Dhamma to benefit both ourselves and others, to help support and care for the temples and religious places, live a moral life under the precepts and most importantly is to help protect Buddhism and not overlook when Buddhism is in crisis .

On the occasion of National Gratitude Day, all Buddhists are invited to perform the duty of a Buddhist to carry out the Buddha’s intention in preserving the life of Buddhism to stay strong and prosperous, henceforth.

Translated by Chotika Ruchirachun.

Knowing Buddha Foundation.


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