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The Knowing Buddha Foundation bring Buddha and Data Into the Fight Against Covid-19

In Bangkok Thailand the Knowing Buddha Foundation brought Buddha and Facts and figures to Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in support of his NO LOCK DOWN policy for Thailand.

Thailand is the Land of Buddha and we need to look to the wisdom of Buddha and the facts in supporting the Prime Minister in handling this virus. Our Faith in Buddha, the facts and not fear is the way to handle this Flu, says the foundation.

According to the WHO and the John Hopkins University of Medicine, Thailand has fared better than almost any other country in the world in handling and treating Covid-19. Thais have a 99.2% chance of recovering from Covid. “You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than dying of Covid-19”.

Thai’s are living in fear based on the media pushing daily reports of “new cases” instead of how low the fatality rate of this disease really is, especially given the excellent treatment history of the Thai Medical system.

The CDC (the Centre for Disease Prevention) has recently confirmed that Covid-19 PCR tests have a failure rate of greater than 33% and many people tested are “Asymptomatic” meaning they have no signs of the virus. These 2 points alone support the Prime Minister’s position of a “NO LOCKDOWN POLICY” in order to save the Thai Economy and Society.

pays respect to Buddha and King Rama IX at the offices of the Thai Prime Minister

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Master Acharavadee Wongsakon offers the Prime Minister 8 recommendations in handling the Covid-19 crisis.

1. Give the right facts to people in order that the put down their fears and accept that this virus will become less and less dangerous as our society builds up Herd Immunity. 2. “Covid-19 cases” are subject to false positives and many people tested are Asymptomatic, therefore stop reporting case numbers where the real indication is the number of people who have died, which in Thailand in only 65 people. (The fatality rate from the simple flu is 650,000 people worldwide each year). 3. Reform how to treat and separate people. Those who are infected with “no symptoms” should stay home and those with “symptoms” can stay at hospital and get treatment. Focus on isolating old people and Infants. 4. Make vaccinations voluntary and focus on old people. and those exposed to high risk environments such as nurses and doctors. 5. Decrease measurements like social distancing so people can build Herd Immunity and live normally. Continue taking care of health by eating well, sleeping enough and wear masks in crowded places. Keep up good hygiene by washing hands frequently. 6. Open the country for tourists and decrease quarantine time, decrease insurance fees for treatment at hospitals. (Germany allowed 5 million tourists to travel to the country from February until sep 2020 with only a 5 day quarantine. Those who took vaccination should enter with no quarantine and those who don’t take the vaccine should quarantine 5 days only. Eventually, when we can treat the disease faster, reduce the quarantine 24 hours. (Note that those countries with NO Lock down , like Mexico have a death rate of 0.0004% 7. People must learn how to live with the virus without quarantine. 8. Focus on Thailand economic recovery.


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