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Knowing Buddha Organization


Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO)


We speak out to protect Buddhism by giving correct knowledge on proper treatments to Buddha images and symbols. In recent years, Buddha images and statues have been used as "Buddhist Art" for decorations - such as furniture, rather than as a remembrance of his compassion with respect and gratitude.


KBO was founded by Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon in 2012, comprising of a new generation of Buddhists who follow Buddha's teachings through vigorous training and practice of Vipassana meditation. The changes within themselves have resulted in immeasurable gratitude to the Buddha. With determination to reverse the growth of misguided knowledge and end the lack of respect to the Enlightened One, we strive to bring back the core of Buddha's teachings with the intention of reviving the religion's status as the "Religion of Awakening" as the name "Buddhism" suggests.

Not Only We Protect Buddhism.

But we awaken the morality of mankind.

-Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


President of Knowing Buddha

Biography of Vipassana Meditation Master

Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon is the founder and president of Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO), a non-profit organization with a mission to protect Buddha's images and symbols from disrespectful acts and revive the sense of gratitude in Buddha's teachings.


Her inspiration came many years ago when she came upon the Buddha Bar in Paris and was shocked to see a huge Buddha statue placed in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by disco balls, cigarette, and alcohol. Devastated and depressed from what she'd seen, she made a resolution in front of the bar that she would one day protect his honor as the prophet of Buddhism.

The commercialization of Buddha images and Buddhism symbols have been spreading fast in the past decades, following rising popularity the use of exotic and Asian artifacts in architecture, leading to deterioration of the religion and its essence. There was no organization that works on this issue directly and seriously until the arrival of KBO in 2012.


Earlier, Master Acharavadee was a well-known businesswoman and owner of a jewelly company with several awards including "Boss of the Year 2005" and also a serious meditator who had already devoted much of her life to Buddhism. She started "The School of Life Foundation" in 2004, with an aim to strengthen morality in children and adults through Dhamma principles laid out by the Buddha. Her goal is to ensure that young children grow up to be responsible and good citizens with public mind, not influenced by materialism and social vibes. All courses are free of charge. The School of Life Foundation ranks among the best top 5 Dhamma Schools by a Thai leading magazine in Amarin Group, a publishing house.


Through her work, Master Acharavadee is determined to bring back the core of Buddha's teachings with the intention of reviving the religion's status as the "Religion of Awakening" as the name "Buddhism" suggests.

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KBO President
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Support Us

Knowing Buddha invites you to support the organization's campaigns and activities to protect Buddha and Buddhism to last long as 5,000 years.


"We not only protect Buddhism, but also awaken the morality of mankind."

- President of KBO

How do we spend your donation?

Since 2014 KBO has been funded entirely through public contribution. Our major goals are to educate, protect and stop disrectful actions toward Buddha image. Our activities include:

  • Campaigns on giant billboards in areas with heavy tourist traffic, e.g. the gateway to Bangkok city inbound from Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Phuket International Airport, and the Chiang Mai Airport.

  • Distributions of various print materials to cultivate and raise awareness on proper treatment of Buddhist symbols and images i.e.  5000s magazine (printed every 2 months),  knowledge boards placed in key temples throughout the country, brochures.

  • Campaigns on various medias i.e. short-film video campaigns, campaigns on social network and websites.

  • Annual Dhamma walk campaigns to raise awareness in key touristic markets such as Jatujak weekend market, Kao-sarn road.

  • Annual exhibitions on important auspicious Buddhist days in main tourist attractions several times a year.

Donation Information

Transfer your donation to Knowing Buddha Foundation

Kasikorn Bank account number 003-2-79877-4

To Donate to Knowing Buddha Foundation,

please send your donation transfer slip to


Fax:   02-117-4065

Tel:    02-117-4063-4

Thank you for supporting us to have encouragement to awake morality of mankind through the teaching of 

Buddha and protect Buddha from being disrespected.


May all good deeds be with you.

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