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True Masterpiece of KBO Field Operation

On June 19th, another historic event was made for our Buddhism protection campaign. The Immigration Bureau at Suvarnabhumi International Airport has allowed KBO’s staffs to install a total of 92 stand up 5" x 8" acrylic sign holder on immigration service counters throughout the Airport.

This is considered a very important strategic position because these areas are in fact the true city gate to Thailand all incoming passengers have to go through. Although the signs look small, they are nonetheless enormously powerful and meaningful.

It was a true success that would not be possible without the help and coordination of Khun Thanida Chertwutthakat and the strong support given by the Pol.Col. Theera Thongrayup from the Royal Thai Police.

The KBO team is now planning on mounting the signs at other airports with the assistance from the Immigration Division 2 whose responsibility encompasses four other major international airports (Don Muang, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Hat Yai) in the near future.

This successful story is an example and a testament of faith and determination among tireless KBO members in dedication to the protection of the Buddha. With the support from the Triple Gem, this also reflects the unity of all KBO units working in such harmony that all paperwork in asking for collaboration from others is always trouble-free.

Here’s the speech of admiration from the President of KBO (Master Acharavadee Wongsakon)

This is the most important masterpiece of KBO protection campaigns. I am so delighted. This is the true success for us all. Many of the previously shut doors have now become open and opposition overcome because of each and every one of us whose genuine faith has contributed to the consolidation and integrity of KBO. We're where we are today because of our profound faith. Let us all firmly uphold our faith, and may great prosperity be with all KBO members.

# Behind The Scenes #

Khun Thanida recounted her version of behind the scenes as followed.

In addition to coordination that must go through several steps which require patience and close follow-up, the completion of the installation process was of equally complicated. The members of the volunteers were

1. Khun Piyaphong Boonsanong 2. Khun Siriya Sukbunthoeng 3. Khun Thanapol Chertwutthakat 4. Khun Patchamon Kaewkoei 5. Khun Thanida Chertwutthakat

All the volunteers met one another at 11 AM on Jun. 19, 2015. Before starting the installation the team must clean the stain and dirt off the surfaces of the counters using cotton soaked with cleaning solutions. Mounting all signs took quite some time, but authority on-duty was very helpful in facilitating and cooperation with the job. Everything went well, and the team members then presented the authority on-duty as well as some staffs at the Bureau of Immigration with the special edition of the ‘Crossing over the Deep Ocean (of Samsara) with’ magazines on Visakha Puja Day. All the work was finished at about 4 PM.

The success you witness today is the result of much effort from planning, coordination, making contacts, negotiation to paperwork, artwork, and final installation that must be appropriately integrated.

The team would like you to please join us in congratulation for the task and express our gratitude to all parties involved, i.e., the Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, Immigration Division 2, as well as all the volunteers.

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